We design and consult with developers, architects, institutions and cities to enrich the everyday lives of people around the world


Lasting urban change requires active stewardship and planning guidance to ensure that development policies and sustainability agendas are met. 


  • We provide leadership on placemaking, urban strategies and development policy

  • We create design guides and toolboxes to deliver them

  • We offer internal and stakeholder communication support


Complex urban transformations demand comprehensive frameworks to ensure physical, social and economic goals are aligned. 

  • We develop plans to guide sustainable  development of neighbourhoods, campuses

       and city districts 


  • We establish framework-planning processes for urban-transformation sites of all scales


Successful public space design requires a big-picture perspective and contextual understanding of the relationships between buildings and the communities that inhabit them.

  • We design the connective tissue of urban quarters – streets, squares and courtyards.


  • We maximise opportunities for community-building


  • We ensure a high-quality urban experience for everyone