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Schulze+Grassov is a multi-skilled urban design studio based in Copenhagen and operating worldwide. Led by architects Oliver Schulze and Louise Grassov, our practice was founded with the aim of facilitating a new blueprint for urban life. Our team is a diverse mix of designers, architects, researchers and landscape architects – united by a shared desire to shape the cities of the future. 

We work with developers, architects, institutions and cities around the world to design and consult on community-focused urban schemes that are environmentally and socially sustainable, and which enrich the everyday lives of the people that use them.  

Founders' stories



Louise Grassov told stories and built stuff from an early age. An interest in narrative structure, honed by long hours of drawing, was complemented by a fascination with how things are constructed, acquired from her father, a flight mechanic. Although she was tempted into a career in film, her twin interests in construction and storytelling converged in architecture, when Louise enrolled at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Oliver Schulze’s fascination with public space began when the Berlin Wall fell. For any 18-year-old in Germany in 1989, it was a monumental moment, but for Oliver it triggered a lifelong curiosity about the relationship between people and the urban environment. The Wall crumbling represented the local impact of seismic societal change – showing public space as a theatre for social transformation and a platform for positive and negative sentiment.


Our core expertise

Two decades of urban research at leading universities in Europe and North America underpins our work. We leverage knowledge in urban design practice by drawing on state-of-the art technology to facilitate smarter processes and in order to design smarter cities. Frequently, the services we deliver go beyond the professional boundaries historically established in urban development. 

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