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Transforming Potsdamer Platz into a pedestrian friendly community quarter, in partnership with Brookfield Properties

Working closely with Berlin's Mitte District, Brookfield Properties is redesigning 17 blocks in this historic urban area in central Berlin to create pedestrian friendly spaces. Updates aim to open up the streets, alleys, and squares and to match the surroundings of the iconic Potsdamer Platz, creating high-quality, accessible space for residents, workers, and visitors.

Working together with our collaborators Behnisch Architekten, Bartenbach and Stefan Wallmann we have helped to build a strong public realm vision that has been adopted by the developer, district, and

Berlin senate.









Potsdamer Platz Public Realm

Brookfield Properties

Potzdamer Platz Area

Berlin, Germany

43.000sqm public realm refurbishment

Construction complete 2025

Behnisch Architekten (Generalplaner), Stefan Wallmann, Lichtlabor Bartenbach, Hoffmann Leichter, Renzo Piano Building Workshop

200828_Gestaltung Freiraum Potsdamer Pla

From Potsdamer Platz, people will be able to walk in the middle of the street through the entire quarter. This people-focused design will transform 10 streets and 4 squares, allowing people to stroll between magnificent linden trees with views of well-known Berlin landmarks in the distance. New elements of this urban district, like rain gardens, can be enjoyed free from the pollution and noise of motorised vehicles. 

190402_APS paving 5 tone.jpg

Whether looking for outdoor dining, shopping at the Arkaden, or on the way to the U-Bahn, the new pedestrian zone creates a lively and connected quarter. Ground level shop fronts slow the pace of the street by welcoming visitors and creating reference points for wayfinding.


Platz der Arkaden is a new moment in the district Mitte in Berlin. From this meeting point in the middle of Alte Potsdamer Strasse people can have clear lines of sight to the Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz, the main entrance to the Arkaden shopping centre, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz and the iconic Berlin Philharmonic concert hall.


The design for the refurbishment of Eichhornstrasse includes adaptable street furniture for both daily visitors and public events like markets. Creating this new destination will benefit the surrounding community of diverse cultural and leisure attractions. All is safely provided for in a purely pedestrian section of the district.


Marlene-Dietrich-Platz comes alive once a year for the Berlinale. We are transforming this major city square to be more accessible and comfortable with new seating opportunities. A large rainwater garden will also change the way people connect with the urban ecosystem. Our design will help to establish the square as a centre, making it more active all year round.

Pots ALL A.png

Our public realm vision for the Potsdamer Platz quarter was informed by surveys and observations of existing users. We spent a week interviewing locals and visitors to understand what activities take place over the course of a day at Potsdamer Platz. Using technology common in video games, those insights allow us to create simulations to compare how people might respond to different design scenarios.

©Realdania, Innovation Fund Denmark, Bloxhub

MIeter katalog.jpg
Bild 1.jpg

The lamps for the public realm project are a bespoke design for this location. Working with Behnisch Architekten and Lichtlabor Bartenbach we developed new light fittings that will lower energy consumption and reduce the negative impact of artificial light on Berlin's natural habitat. Our design underpins the first district-wide application of the City of Berlin's lighting masterplan, at the scale of an entire urban district.

Leuchte Potsdamerplatz.png


Alte Potsdamer Strasse is completely reinvented as an urban street. Our proposed design creates a pedestrian zone across the full cross-section of the street, shaping a safe and accessible walking environment. Our design guidelines for tenants will help create a more inviting transition zone, including the spaces in between the private and public realms.

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