We love Copenhagen.


From here we service our projects, bringing the DNA of our home city to inspire the people who we work with elsewhere. Our home city is exemplary in that it has developed a sustainable mobility culture over many generations, long before people were waking up to the fact that good cities need to offer their citizens a variety of functioning and attractive transportation alternatives from which to choose from.


Likewise, for half a century our city has been spearheading a public space revolution, realising that high quality public spaces are an important part of our own image of our city as a fine place to live.


Good public spaces provide for good urban economies; many people choose to live in our attractive city centre or the adjacent urban neighbourhoods, reducing the pressure on our public transit and highway system. Many tourists visit the city to experience it’s joy de vivre as a lively, open and inviting Scandinavian metropolis. Good public spaces are a big asset to our city economy.


Download our Copenhagen map where we have registered the 100 most photographed public destinations in Copenhagen, as uploaded to Instagram by locals and visitors alike. This work was part of our study “Life in the City”, a study that informed the municipal city development vision for 2025, “Co-Creating Copenhagen”.


Schulze+Grassov 100 Most Wanted Public Spaces in Copenhagen