Good public spaces build good urban societies.


Our office’s approach to working with the public realm is informed by extensive academic research into urban life in cities today. We have built a knowledge base that explores that interfaces between the art and science of city building with other social sciences and information technology Today, we actively contribute to smart city and smart building research in Denmark, exploring how we can draw upon the opportunities created by state-of-the-art data and information technology that can be of benefit to real people and to the creation of remarkable places.


Under appointment to the City of Copenhagen we have developed new innovative working tools that enrich the conventional planning and design process in our city. Our parameter-based design codes for buildings and open spaces are now applied by municipal staff in our home city, and we have helped them to establish what “good” stands for when it comes to the transformation of the public realm.


We apply the knowledge gained from our urban research and process innovation to our work on major urban transformation projects led by private and public sector clients throughout the world. We provide leadership in in establishing and delivering robust development frameworks and plans that help guide short- and long-term urban transformation, to help our clients create “good” places that contribute to building good urban societies.

Imagine & Inspire


We ask “How shall we live?” before we ask “What shall we build?”


We show you what makes remarkable places and how to incorporate them into your vision.

Innovate & Collaborate


“We use the design of the public realm to create a framework for great everyday life.”


Our team offers diverse professional expertise and we work across professional boundaries.

Design & Implement


“We design authentic places that address the challenges and opportunities of our time.”


Our team draws the detail to deliver early interventions and lasting change.