Louise Grassov


Architect and Urban Designer Louise Grassov is a partner at the Copenhagen-based practice Schulze+Grassov where she brings together the core skills of urban design - landscape, architecture and mobility – in a comprehensive and new approach to city planning. 


She believes that all good projects put public realm frameworks first through an approach where the ground floor plane is the key. Ensuring a great public realm will be what drives the development of our future neighbourhoods and cities. In this way Louise Grassov constantly challenges the standard way of designing and building the new, as she believes that this approach is adding new value to our urban experiences and everyday lives.


Working across the World on transformative city development projects for more than a decade, the current projects at Schulze+Grassov include public realm consultancy for the City of Copenhagen, a framework- and landscape plan for developer Grosvenor in Bermondsey and campus mobility planning for Denmark’s Technical University in Lyngby.






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Architect Urban Designer MAA



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Partner, Schulze+Grassov

Visiting Professor in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

at the University of Washington, Seattle

Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley, Institute of Urban and Regional Development

Visiting master teacher at University of Washington's College of Built Environments

Associate, Gehl Architects

Master of Architecture and Urban Design, Department of Urban Design, School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark