Julie Linke Bank


Landscape architect Julie Linke Bank has 10+ years experience and is registered as a chartered member of the Landscape Institute in United Kingdom and in Denmark. As a senior designer and project manager at Schulze+Grassov she is responsible for projects from inception to completion on site.


Projects include work with the Realdania Foundation supported climate adaptation programme Klimaspring, where she is leading Schulze+Grassov’s work with Waterways. In the project Julie Linke Bank is developing prototypes for high-capacity stormwater management systems in collaboration with municipal water supply companies, civil engineers and manufacturers of precast concrete and asphalt products. Other project work involves the development of a prototype for the next generation of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Superhighways as well as other innovative street design projects for a range of municipalities in Denmark.


Julie Linke Bank is a certified DGNB auditor in Denmark and invests time in the development of the Danish certification system for sustainable environments where she provides expert knowledge in landscape design for municipal housing estates as well as the design of major health sector facilities like the new generation of Danish Superhospitals



Landscape Architect MDL & CMLI, Architect MAA



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Project Manager, Schulze+Grassov

Project Manager at Arkitema Urban Design

Studio Granda, Reykjavik, Iceland

Boyarsky Murphy Architects, London, UK

Houlton Architects, London, UK

Master of Architecture and Landscape Design, Department of Urban Planning & Landscape, School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 

Copenhagen, Denmark







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