S+G Evaluate Pop-Up Life on Campus

S+G is employed by The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to advise on the comprehensive campus transformation currently in progress. As new buildings are constructed we are working to diversify and improve the conditions for walking, cycling and public transit across and beyond campus. As part of this new campus vision and identity S+G are providing guidance to build more high-quality outdoor spaces for gathering and recreation.


To reach out to the university community DTU built seven temporary pop-up spaces across the Lyngby campus in May 2016. The pop-up spaces display a variety of iconic urban furniture installations, designed specifically for their locale on campus, where they invite people to linger in open spaces. S+G have helped DTU to establish suitable sites for the temporary installations on campus, to evaluate their use and related user adoption upon construction. Speaking to the end users during intercept interviews we learned more about the community’s desire to engage in a shared life between the buildings on campus.


Our project documentation demonstrated to the university administration that the investment in shared open spaces where students, faculty and staff from different schools and departments can meet was met with unanimous approval from across the university community. Using time-lapse videos of the construction and adoption of the installations by end users shows the readiness of the DTU community to socialise more in open spaces. 

The Bench (Danish version)

The Lunchbox Gardens (Danish version)

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