S+G Convert Highway into Greenway

”The Green Ribbon” is a lush green climate adaptation buffer zone that winds between a highway and nearby residential areas. An urgent need for a climate adaptation rescue in the neighbourhood, called for new thinking. Narrowing a central 4-lane road to a 2-lane road, freed up land for a spacious green area aimed at urban climate adaption use in interaction with new urban activities for residents and local institutions.


The project creates a green link between the city centre and the adjacent area, knitting together a formerly fragmented urban area. The aim of the project was to transform a busy highway into a multi-use public space including a drainage system that offers recreational spaces to the local community. The Green Ribbon uses nature to solve some of today’s greatest challenges while serving as a link between city and neighbouring areas, eliminating the road as a traffic barrier.


The result is an urban environment where the different modes of transportation function smoothly and interact effortlessly, and where pedestrian quality is ensured through accessibility, diversity of functions, and amenities that activate the community.


The new connection provides an ideal framework for biodiversity and creates a harmonious natural expression that follows both seasons and variable rainfall patterns. Seasonal changes are manifested in the changing water levels and the changing character of the landscape and its related activity zones. This contributes to a unique and dynamic landscape of blue-green spaces.












The Green Ribbon

Climate Adaptation, Traffic Reduction & Recreation 

Landscape Design
Landscape & Trafic Consulting
EnviDan, gruppe F Landschaftarchitekten

Ballerup Municipality & Ballerup Water Supply

Ballerup, Denmark
2015 (feasibility study)