A dozen of the brightest minds.


The professionals that make up S+G come from a range of educational and professional backgrounds. Our directors are trained architects and urban designers with two decades of experience in public space planning and design in an international context. We employ experienced and graduate-level architects, landscape architects and civil engineers with a focus on urban design.


Our team includes social scientists and information technology professionals that we deploy on projects in integrated design teams to deliver comprehensive and nuanced answers to the complex questions and situations we encounter in urban transformation processes. We add value through a deep understanding of the makeup of our transforming urban society and we draw on new sources of data and information about people, their experiences and their behaviours in urban environments.


The Danish Innovation Fund and Realdania have selected S+G as an industrial partner to deliver the research project “Smart Cities and Smart People: Balancing People and Technology”. Our researchers are working with state-of-the-art information and gaming technology to develop playful new simulation tools for public life that will help clients and project stakeholders to understand the potential outcomes of their investments.